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    What Is Your Conflict Style?

    With my next Couples Workshop coming up at the end of August I thought I’d write a little about one of the topics we cover in that training day.Conflict is inevitable - how we handle it is a choice.True, but most of us have developed patterns from dealing with conflict as early as childhood that we cling to or use instinctively. It takes real work and conscious awareness and choice to learn other ways of handling conflict.Let’s talk about the 5 styles that this particular model highlights. This ...  Read More...

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    5 Key Elements To Resolve Conflict

    You know when you’ve goofed up and all you want to do is get out of the doghouse. What next? The following is a blog post I published this time last year on the topic of conflict resolution, but is definitely worth a re-share!I sure did not grow up watching great conflict resolution.   Read More...

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    Strategic Steps To Strengthen Your Relationship

    Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking, “Blue Sky” thinking, “White Space”, Visioning, Personality Assessments, Goal Setting, Teambuilding, Mission Statements, Big Hairy Audacious Goals, SWOT Analysis, SMART Goals.What do all these things have in common?They are all concepts and activities that we encourage and make use of in the business world.We do all these things to insure the success of our businesses. We do them to help us grow and improve our businesses and our specific departmental goals...  Read More...

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