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    Supporting Each Other’s Spirituality

    If you do a search on the positive impacts of spirituality, a long list of articles - scholarly and otherwise, will come up. The benefits are numerous. This time of year has many special days for many faith traditions and even spiritual reminders like Thanksgiving, regardless of your religious choices.The family I grew up in offered me stark contrasts in both faith and spirituality beliefs.   Read More...

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    5 Reasons Why We Need To Nurture Our Friendships

    It is so sweet to have your life partner as your best friend. To have someone in your life everyday that you enjoy traveling with, laughing with, watching shows with, talking about everything to and sharing core values.It is easy to get in to a pattern where you don’t have much time with other friends.Today I want us to think about the importance of our other friendships and the many reasons we need to commit to them.Especially at the front end of relationships we can easily “forget” about our o...  Read More...

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