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    How To Navigate Your Differences

    Talking about personality differences doesn’t do us much good in and of itself. It is how those differences impact how we experience the world, the pace we want to make decisions at, the way we handle conflict, how much we love process, etc.So, when it comes to our most intimate relationships, how do we navigate and maximize on our differences and our similarities?Wether we are talking about love languages, DISC, extroversion/introversion or an other way to measure styles, personality or s...  Read More...

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    Holiday Dreams and Holiday Reality

    It’s that time of year again. The dream is relaxed time with family and friends over lovely meals, sitting by the fireplace, sipping hot cider, playing games, etc.The reality is often frenetic running around, last minute gift buying, frustrating times in traffic, disappointment over gifts, frustrating interactions with family members, etc.Like anything else in life, a little planning and strategizing can go a long way to improving our experience and outcomes.As you stare down the next 4 weeks ah...  Read More...

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    Emotional Intelligence for Couples: Part 2 Self-Expression

    Last time, in our mini-series on EQi for couples, we covered how we see ourselves*. Today we look at the next three sub-scales in the Multi-Health Systems Inc. model.   Read More...

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    7 Life Skills That'll Improve Your Career & Love Life SIMULTANEOUSLY

    7 Life Skills That'll Improve Your Career & Love Life SIMULTANEOUSLY. It's totally doable!For 12 years now I have been coaching business leaders and executives (Capacity Building Coaching) to provide leadership development for companies in the form of certificate programs, seminars, coaching skills training and retreats. Even though I teach at primarily business seminars, I've been told that much of the information I provide not only helps in the executives' careers, but also in their love l...  Read More...

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    Romance Hacks For Valentine's Day & Beyond

    It’s almost February. You know what that means. Valentine’s Day is not far away.Some of you are likely dreading it.   Read More...

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    The Five Love Languages

    The idea that we hear love and speak love in different ways has been made widely popular and very accessible by the work of Gary Chapman. I highly recommend his book, in fact I give it to all the young couples in our family. This link will take you to a site where you can take the assessment (just takes about 5 minutes) to see what your top love languages are. https://marriageresourcecentre.org/2013/05/03/featured-resource-five-love-languages/Understanding love languages has 2 big impl...  Read More...

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