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    Money Honey

    Money, how we make it, when and where we spend it and how we save it - all of these are daily decisions and all of them can cause stress and conflict in relationships.How big a problem can this be? This quote with references cited puts it in perspective:“You are sharing a life, a home and your pocketbook with your significant other, and maybe even some kids. Among all of the things you could fight about with your significant other, financial disagreements are a major source of strife in many rel...  Read More...

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    Highly Effective Couples

    Obviously “highly effective” is not what we aim for when thinking about our partner. This is business language “highly effective team”, etc. Let’s steal from business ideas though, again, for our relationships.A common team building activity is to make use of personality or behavioral style assessments and share results with each other.   Read More...

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    Sweet or Not So Sweet? Questioning Your Relationship Health

    What is it that defines a relationship as healthy? Is it a lack of fighting? How about how close and in touch with each other as a sign of health? The very difficult part of knowing if your relationship is unhealthy or not is that the unhealthy version differs in subtle ways that often creep in over time. What can feel charming and endearing at first can become painful and controlling. I’ve included links to 3 articles at the bottom of this blogpost. They all list signs ...  Read More...

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