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    Let’s Talk Sex

    Let’s Talk SexTruly, what kind of couples’ coach would I be without discussing sex, right?!Great sex is absolutely one of the most special aspects of a great relationship. Conversely stress around sex is one of the hardest things to deal with. In my years as a therapist this was a topic that came up frequently.What things from your sex life can really negatively impact your relationship?What are the things that can really make your sex life amazing?Some great ideas:Connect emotionallyReally hear...  Read More...

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    4 Ways To Inject Humor Into Difficult Conversations

    Laughter Really is Medicinal!Communication is a word we hear so often - lack of good communication is to blame for many issues - in our businesses, in our country, and, in our homes.Obviously, one blog isn’t going to fix that but let’s zero in on one piece of it to contemplate.When something is bothering us about our partner we make choices about how we are going to deal with it:• Put up with it (until it becomes too frustrating)• Say something sarcastic• Get even&bull...  Read More...

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