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    Emotional Intelligence for Couples: Part 2 Self-Expression

    Last time, in our mini-series on EQi for couples, we covered how we see ourselves*. Today we look at the next three sub-scales in the Multi-Health Systems Inc. model.   Read More...

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    How To Strengthen Your Relationship Through Laughter

    Recently I was in line at a checkout and couldn’t resist a magazine. The whole magazine is about laughter.How much have you been laughing lately?How often do you laugh yourselves silly as a couple?There are so many great articles out there on the benefits, physical and emotional, to laughing. Here’s an example: The Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter I sure know that what makes Bill laugh doesn’t always make me laugh and vice-versa.   Read More...

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    The Art of Intimacy

    Some of us immediately think sex when we hear the word intimacy but it is so much more. Intimacy is about close, safe, nurturing connection. It includes physical, emotional and spiritual connection. Intimacy at it’s strongest includes all three. Today’s blog is a collaboration with Canadian, Toronto-based artist Veronica Blanco.   Read More...

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    Let’s Talk Sex

    Let’s Talk SexTruly, what kind of couples’ coach would I be without discussing sex, right?!Great sex is absolutely one of the most special aspects of a great relationship. Conversely stress around sex is one of the hardest things to deal with. In my years as a therapist this was a topic that came up frequently.What things from your sex life can really negatively impact your relationship?What are the things that can really make your sex life amazing?Some great ideas:Connect emotionallyReally hear...  Read More...

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    5 Methods For More Effective Anger in Relationships

    This week I have been deeply touched by a number of you sharing deeply personal stories about your own experiences with anger and rage. I have heard from people wrestling with the impact of someone else’s anger expressions but I have also heard from people who know that they might be the one expressing anger in ways that may hurt people they love.Although I’m coming from a place of having to learn to express anger, I have learned a few things over the years that are relevant for those of you wan...  Read More...

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