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    How Self-Compassion Can Benefit Your Relationship

    Sometimes practicing sucks.It seems though that if you set your mind to focus on a certain area of growth, then either the universe gives you extra opportunities or you at least notice the ones that are there more acutely.With the focus of our first wellness event here at The Cedars Ranch being on self-compassion I got handed a big juicy opportunity to practice.I made an honest mistake but one that caused both Bill and I significant stress.So, self-compassion takes work to nurture but I think fo...  Read More...

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    Undoing Shame

    There is a powerful force at work in many of our lives and it brings damage to many relationships. Shame. If you are living life through a lens of shame it WILL negatively impact your relationship!Let’s define it in really practical terms, then look at how it affects our partnerships.Shame is the thinking and feeling that we have when we see ourselves as ‘less than’ or inadequate in some way.   Read More...

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