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    5 Reasons Pre-Marital Coaching is Like Working Out

    So often we think of counseling as appropriate for when something is broken or in crisis. This is not the case with pre-marital counseling or coaching.So, for starters, what is pre-marital? It comes in many forms - it may be classes you take with a few other couples, either through an organization that specializes in this or through a faith community.   Read More...

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    4 Ways To Inject Humor Into Difficult Conversations

    Laughter Really is Medicinal!Communication is a word we hear so often - lack of good communication is to blame for many issues - in our businesses, in our country, and, in our homes.Obviously, one blog isn’t going to fix that but let’s zero in on one piece of it to contemplate.When something is bothering us about our partner we make choices about how we are going to deal with it:• Put up with it (until it becomes too frustrating)• Say something sarcastic• Get even&bull...  Read More...

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    Handling Crisis Together

    Crisis comes in so many forms - a health issue for one of you or someone close to you, a natural disaster that impacts you both, a job loss or financial hardship, the loss of a loved one. These crises are all part of normal life and and are inevitable.Learning how to support each other through crisis - be it a shared one or one that impacts your partner more than you, is a critical skill to support your relationship.How you cope, how you process and how you try to move through a crisis is highly...  Read More...

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    Strategies We Use To Be Loved & Valued

    Why is it that so many of us long for a life partner?I believe that at our core we long to be known, truly seen and loved. We also long to offer someone else that depth of love. We have other core needs too, such as to be safe, to have our basic physical needs met, etc.   Read More...

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    Looking at Love

    It’s always interesting to see what Wikipedia has to say on a subject. Here is one of the comments on love: “This diversity of uses and meanings combined with the complexity of the feelings involved makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, compared to other emotional states.”  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love You know that rush of feeling intense love that you have at times for your partner? Is that love? Those acts of kindness when you reall...  Read More...

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    Judging or Critical Thinking for Couples

    It can feel like semantics when we approach this topic. Judging, criticizing, evaluating. What are the real differences? This topic is very real in our everyday relationships and since my goal is not connected to our use of language but our use of compassion and honesty I'm not going to focus on nuances. There is a fine line between taking an honest inventory of our feelings about someone else and judging them.   Read More...

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