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    Finding Hidden Love in Conflict

    There is a strange thing causing conflict and stress for couples - frequently. It is hard to describe but I’m going to give it my best shot.It is a pattern I live out with my spouse, Bill. It is a pattern I see frequently in couples I’m coaching.Here’s how it goes.Person A - let’s call her Sam, doesn’t want to be too demanding of her partner.   Read More...

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    Emotional Intelligence for Couples: Part 5 Managing Stress

    Today is the last in our mini-series on emotional intelligence for couples. All of the separate skills we have talked about matter but today’s topic relates to overall well-being in critical ways. Today we talk about how well you are managing stress. We all know that when we are too stressed and not coping well, little else seems to matter.   Read More...

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    Helping Each Other Through Stresses

    Often in life the people closest to us know how stressed we are before we do. The ironic part about stress is that often our own reaction to stress causes more stress than the original stressor.There are unlimited ways to react to stress and there are unlimited causes of stress. That being said there are some basic principles that we can get to.Let’s start with some common reactions to being stressed:Withdrawing from other - emotionally, socially, physicallyBecoming hyper-focused and drivenBecom...  Read More...

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