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    How Self-Compassion Can Benefit Your Relationship

    Sometimes practicing sucks.It seems though that if you set your mind to focus on a certain area of growth, then either the universe gives you extra opportunities or you at least notice the ones that are there more acutely.With the focus of our first wellness event here at The Cedars Ranch being on self-compassion I got handed a big juicy opportunity to practice.I made an honest mistake but one that caused both Bill and I significant stress.So, self-compassion takes work to nurture but I think fo...  Read More...

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    Strategic Steps To Strengthen Your Relationship

    Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking, “Blue Sky” thinking, “White Space”, Visioning, Personality Assessments, Goal Setting, Teambuilding, Mission Statements, Big Hairy Audacious Goals, SWOT Analysis, SMART Goals.What do all these things have in common?They are all concepts and activities that we encourage and make use of in the business world.We do all these things to insure the success of our businesses. We do them to help us grow and improve our businesses and our specific departmental goals...  Read More...

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    How To Strengthen Your Relationship Through Laughter

    Recently I was in line at a checkout and couldn’t resist a magazine. The whole magazine is about laughter.How much have you been laughing lately?How often do you laugh yourselves silly as a couple?There are so many great articles out there on the benefits, physical and emotional, to laughing. Here’s an example: The Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter I sure know that what makes Bill laugh doesn’t always make me laugh and vice-versa.   Read More...

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    Relationship Wellness & Eating Together

    As the owner of a soon-to-be wellness center I get asked often “What kind of wellness?”What is wellness? It is so many things! It may be one of those topics that thinking about the flip side makes it easier to answer.   Read More...

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    6 Practices To Safeguard Your Relationship

    Life is good! You are in love, your relationship is not work, it just flows and spending time together is easy. You are living with your best friend.I hope this all reads true for you, but keeping this or getting back to this is not all easy.What comes easy when we are falling in love takes work and intention as our relationship ages and life gets busy.What are some practices and habits that can protect or re-enliven your relationship as the years pass by?1) Date Night: There is the good old sta...  Read More...

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