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    7 Life Skills That'll Improve Your Career & Love Life SIMULTANEOUSLY

    7 Life Skills That'll Improve Your Career & Love Life SIMULTANEOUSLY. It's totally doable!For 12 years now I have been coaching business leaders and executives (Capacity Building Coaching) to provide leadership development for companies in the form of certificate programs, seminars, coaching skills training and retreats. Even though I teach at primarily business seminars, I've been told that much of the information I provide not only helps in the executives' careers, but also in their love l...  Read More...

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    Highly Effective Couples

    Obviously “highly effective” is not what we aim for when thinking about our partner. This is business language “highly effective team”, etc. Let’s steal from business ideas though, again, for our relationships.A common team building activity is to make use of personality or behavioral style assessments and share results with each other.   Read More...

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    6 Practices To Safeguard Your Relationship

    Life is good! You are in love, your relationship is not work, it just flows and spending time together is easy. You are living with your best friend.I hope this all reads true for you, but keeping this or getting back to this is not all easy.What comes easy when we are falling in love takes work and intention as our relationship ages and life gets busy.What are some practices and habits that can protect or re-enliven your relationship as the years pass by?1) Date Night: There is the good old sta...  Read More...

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