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    5 Principles For Making Fights More Productive

    We’ve all done it, pick a fight over nothing. Be it from a lack of sleep, being “hangry” or simply having too much stress can result in us being grumpy.These moments can lead to hurtful and unproductive fights.So, how do we know when it’s time to drop something and when it’s time to start a tough conversation?Here’s an interesting article on what young couples are fighting about, and how important these fights can be: "9 Fights Every 20-Something Couple Has That Actually Prove You're Healthy"&nb...  Read More...

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    Relationship Wellness & Eating Together

    As the owner of a soon-to-be wellness center I get asked often “What kind of wellness?”What is wellness? It is so many things! It may be one of those topics that thinking about the flip side makes it easier to answer.   Read More...

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    5 Critical Elements For Conflict Resolution

    You know when you’ve goofed up and all you want to do is get out of the doghouse. What next?I sure did not grow up watching great conflict resolution. Quite the opposite.   Read More...

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    6 Practices To Safeguard Your Relationship

    Life is good! You are in love, your relationship is not work, it just flows and spending time together is easy. You are living with your best friend.I hope this all reads true for you, but keeping this or getting back to this is not all easy.What comes easy when we are falling in love takes work and intention as our relationship ages and life gets busy.What are some practices and habits that can protect or re-enliven your relationship as the years pass by?1) Date Night: There is the good old sta...  Read More...

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    The Art of Intimacy

    Some of us immediately think sex when we hear the word intimacy but it is so much more. Intimacy is about close, safe, nurturing connection. It includes physical, emotional and spiritual connection. Intimacy at it’s strongest includes all three. Today’s blog is a collaboration with Canadian, Toronto-based artist Veronica Blanco.   Read More...

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    Judging or Critical Thinking for Couples

    It can feel like semantics when we approach this topic. Judging, criticizing, evaluating. What are the real differences? This topic is very real in our everyday relationships and since my goal is not connected to our use of language but our use of compassion and honesty I'm not going to focus on nuances. There is a fine line between taking an honest inventory of our feelings about someone else and judging them.   Read More...

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