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    To Advise or Not to Advise

    It is one of the most natural things in the world - to tell someone else what we think they should do.We do it out of love, out of concern, because we like to help, sometimes because it makes us feel good, creates a bit of a dependence or respect with the other party. Sometimes we simply want the other person to do things our way.We have many reasons, both good and not so good for giving advice.Usually, nowhere is easier to slip in to this mode than with our life partner.Advice and being told wh...  Read More...

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    The Art of Intimacy

    Some of us immediately think sex when we hear the word intimacy but it is so much more. Intimacy is about close, safe, nurturing connection. It includes physical, emotional and spiritual connection. Intimacy at it’s strongest includes all three. Today’s blog is a collaboration with Canadian, Toronto-based artist Veronica Blanco.   Read More...

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    2 Steps To Combat Blame In Relationship

    We’ve all done it. We’ve all made sure that someone else knows that a problem was most definitely caused by them.As Brené Brown puts it: Blame is simply the discharging of discomfort and pain.Blame may relieve some emotional discomfort short term but it is not productive in the long-term or in any other way. It leads to disconnection and what we long for, what we need for well-being is deep healthy connection.So what are the options?Let’s talk about a great foundation for dealing with frustratio...  Read More...

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    Thoughts On Loving Well

    Some things we all have the same answer to. “Do you want to be happy?” is one of those questions. We all want happiness.   Read More...

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    The Relationship Power Tool of Listening

    Recently, during a lunch with a very ‘coach-like’ friend of mine I got to hear my husband answer her very creative question.“How have you changed since you got married to each other 8 years ago?”I think Bill’s answer gives us the best goal posts possible for lasting emotional intimacy.He said: ‘Well, I’ve learned how to be loved, how to let myself be loved, and I’ve learned to love myself better.’Wow.I have to tell you, being married to someo...  Read More...

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