Our Programs

Luv Life Coaching programs offer deep work performed in a light atmosphere to carry you from “falling in love” to lifetime soulmates.

In an effort to prepare for all of the seasons of a lasting relationship, the Luv Life Coaching programs will allow you to gain new tools that will help you experience the full richness of a committed partnership for the long term.

In order to begin one of the Luv Life Coaching programs, couples need to complete a Couples’ Coaching Readiness Questionnaire.

  • Core Coaching

    This program is intended for healthy, happy couples who are intent on pro-actively improving the quality of their relationship.
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  • Engaged & Newlywed Coaching

    This program is intended for couples who have just gotten engaged, are considering that step or who have been married for less than 2 years.Read more

  • Coach’s Check-In

    This Program is for couples who have completed either the Core Coaching Program or the Newlywed Coaching. Read more

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