Our Approach

Better or Best - Luv Life Coaching uses a coach approach. That means that although you will be offered ideas it will be part of your homework between sessions for you as a couple to make all the tools and techniques your own, finding what works best for you two as a couple.

Coaching - The older sister to Luv Life Coaching is “pre-marital counseling" or "couples counseling”. The key relevant difference here is that coaching assumes that you are the expert and, by the use of powerful questions and other tools, draws the wisdom from you. Let’s face it, we all listen to ourselves more than to anyone else, and why not! Who knows you better?

Conscious Relationship - The state of living conscious means that you are now the one who makes his very own choices that come from deep within yourself, but it also means that you start questioning negative behaviors, actions and habits and substitute them with more positive ones. Consciousness gives you an amazing sensation of control over your life and your situation, which is very motivational and empowering. Apply that to relationships and it’s not hard to see how much benefit can cascade down!

Couple Competencies - Just like in our careers, there are specific competencies that support us having fantastic relationships. These will be highlighted in the coaching program and each couple will have a chance to self-evaluate which competencies they would like to enhance.

Enhanced Relationships - To enhance means to lift up or raise up. An enhancement is an increase or improvement in quality or value. In Luv Life Coaching you will intentionally practice ways of being with your partner that will benefit both of you and allow for improved quality of relating.

Enriched - One definition of enrich is to make (someone) wealthy or wealthier. Through coaching you will see strengths, qualities and resources in each other and yourself. How amazing to feel so rich in your relationship that regardless of the circumstances that you have to go through as a couple you always feel like you won the lottery!!!

Equipped - Who doesn’t want to have fantastic equipment? Having what you need to create and keep a fantastic relationship doesn’t just happen by accident. Learning how to work through conflict or communicate in healthy ways when someone has just pushed our buttons is something most of us have to learn to do. In Luv Life Coaching you will get practice using relationship safety equipment that will protect you for years to come.

Inclusive Coaching - All couples are welcome. The purpose of Luv Life Coaching is to make good relationships even better. It is to improve the resiliency you have as a couple. If you are experiencing significant difficulties counseling is an appropriate option first.

Intimacy (Wholistic Intimacy) - This is one of my favorite words. If you let me talk about my purpose in life, this word is going to come up. It has much bigger meaning to me then just its use referring to great sex. Intimacy is about thorough connection - about people truly seeing, understanding, accepting, enjoying and loving each other (metaphorically getting naked). The deepest form, the most rewarding form, is when this can happen “wholistically” - intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Intense! It’s about being naked emotionally and being fully loved and accepted.

How to Look Good (Metaphorically) Naked - Learning to take down the layers that you have used to try to look good or that you have used to keep people at a safe distance is not an easy thing. In Luv Life Coaching we create a safe environment for you to get naked and equip you to enjoy more nakedness as a couple (metaphorically, of course, lol).

HTML - HTML is the foundation and the frame of every website you visit. Couples who graduate from the Engaged / Newlywed Coaching Program receive their HTML Certificate - Highly Trained Married Lovers.

Life Partnership - Luv Life Coaching is for couples who are in love. You might be a couple who just got engaged or a couple who thinks that marriage is an unnecessary societal convention. You may have been married for a few years already or be newly in love and wanting to proactively get the tools that make sure you can stay on a super healthy path together.

LMAO - Couples who complete the Core Coaching Program receive their LMAO Certificate - Life Mates Amazing at Openness.

Power Tools - Now we’re talking! Power tools are tools that perform with an additional power source - ok, some of you just went somewhere else. Come back! We are talking really amazing relationship tools that let you get through the parts of relationships that can feel like work so much faster, better and with so much less effort. So you can get to the fun parts after work!

DISCLAIMER - As a result of completing our couples coaching programs, some couples report much less anger and “nicer” fights resulting in significantly reduced “make-up sex”. Luv Life Coaching will not be held legally liable for such loss but strongly encourages couples to get creative and find meaningful alternatives!

I offer my Luv Life Coaching services in a variety of ways:

  • At my office at The Cedars Ranch, Wimberley TX 78676
  • I am willing to meet locally in public locations like Starbucks (please inquire)
  • Via Skype, if you do not live locally

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