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    4 Ways To Inject Humor Into Difficult Conversations

    Laughter Really is Medicinal!Communication is a word we hear so often - lack of good communication is to blame for many issues - in our businesses, in our country, and, in our homes.Obviously, one blog isn’t going to fix that but let’s zero in on one piece of it to contemplate.When something is bothering us about our partner we make choices about how we are going to deal with it:• Put up with it (until it becomes too frustrating)• Say something sarcastic• Get even&bull...  Read More...

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    The Power of Celebration in Relationship

    Frequently my kids tease me for an “overuse” of the word “fun”. However, the truth is that I have practiced seeing the good and finding cause to celebrate.There is a lot of science behind the benefits of celebration - both for brain chemistry science and psychological benefits. This is a great little article on the benefits of celebration (click the picture to bring you to the article): Sadly, many people find it really hard to celebrate their own successes.   Read More...

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    Judging or Critical Thinking for Couples

    It can feel like semantics when we approach this topic. Judging, criticizing, evaluating. What are the real differences? This topic is very real in our everyday relationships and since my goal is not connected to our use of language but our use of compassion and honesty I'm not going to focus on nuances. There is a fine line between taking an honest inventory of our feelings about someone else and judging them.   Read More...

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