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    5 Principles For Making Fights More Productive

    We’ve all done it, pick a fight over nothing. Be it from a lack of sleep, being “hangry” or simply having too much stress can result in us being grumpy.These moments can lead to hurtful and unproductive fights.So, how do we know when it’s time to drop something and when it’s time to start a tough conversation?Here’s an interesting article on what young couples are fighting about, and how important these fights can be: "9 Fights Every 20-Something Couple Has That Actually Prove You're Healthy"&nb...  Read More...

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    Emotional Intelligence for Couples: Part 4 Decision Making

    If you have been following along recently, this is blog 4 of 5 on emotional intelligence for couples. (The model is from https://www.mhs.com/MHS-Talent?prodname=eq2 - Individual assessments and couple work is available if that appeals.) If you are getting the feeling that great, healthy, lasting life partnerships don’t just happen then I have done my job! Today’s sub-section in the broad topic of emotional intelligence is decision-making. This topic likely represents one of...  Read More...

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    7 Life Skills That'll Improve Your Career & Love Life SIMULTANEOUSLY

    7 Life Skills That'll Improve Your Career & Love Life SIMULTANEOUSLY. It's totally doable!For 12 years now I have been coaching business leaders and executives (Capacity Building Coaching) to provide leadership development for companies in the form of certificate programs, seminars, coaching skills training and retreats. Even though I teach at primarily business seminars, I've been told that much of the information I provide not only helps in the executives' careers, but also in their love l...  Read More...

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    5 Critical Elements For Conflict Resolution

    You know when you’ve goofed up and all you want to do is get out of the doghouse. What next?I sure did not grow up watching great conflict resolution. Quite the opposite.   Read More...

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    Helping Each Other Through Stresses

    Often in life the people closest to us know how stressed we are before we do. The ironic part about stress is that often our own reaction to stress causes more stress than the original stressor.There are unlimited ways to react to stress and there are unlimited causes of stress. That being said there are some basic principles that we can get to.Let’s start with some common reactions to being stressed:Withdrawing from other - emotionally, socially, physicallyBecoming hyper-focused and drivenBecom...  Read More...

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