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A 2019 Challenge of Loving Really Well!

It was October, 2009. Bill, my now husband, and I were enjoying a walk down the main street through a beautiful small town in New Hampshire on our way to dinner. 

All of a sudden Bill grabbed me by both arms and swung me around behind him! 

After initial surprise it registered that in front of our path was a black bear. It was sauntering across the street in front of us. 

(It was a picture perfect moment that we missed - this bear walked in to the parking lot of “Black Bear Inn”!) 

Without thinking twice Bill instinctively moved me behind him to protect me. We were still dating at the time - you can be sure this made a solid impression. 

Many of you are sure that you would step in and save your partner if the need arose. Those large gestures sure demonstrate self-less love. 

It is amazing how sometimes the thought of these huge sacrifices is easier to contemplate than the everyday small gifts that we can give each other. 

Taking an extra turn cooking dinner, being willing to let your partner talk first when you want to make your point in an argument, when your partner least expects it, doing something that your partner often has to ask you to do. 

During this season of gift-giving, how about putting some thought in to the way that you want to relate to your partner in 2019?

What are the gifts that you have been reluctant to give? What are those small kindnesses that your partner would really appreciate? 

What if you saw 2019 as a year of extravagant giving to your partner? It is not about money. It is about loving really well - over the top! 

If you take this challenge to give those little gifts more often in 2019, what will remind you in those moments when you just want to focus on yourself? 

Let’s get curious. What could possibly happen when we choose to love someone else this extravagantly? It does not come with guarantees, but loving someone well, in unexpected ways, usually draws out the best in them too. 

You may have made a list of gifts you need to buy soon to complete your holiday prep. How about the top 5 gifts you will choose to give your partner, over and over, in 2019? 

Until next time,

Marilyn Orr, The Luv Life Coach

Marilyn Orr, MA, CEC, PCC is a relationship coach with Luv Life Coaching, passionate about equipping couples with the tools for real and lasting intimacy.

Be proactive in your relationships so you can stay ahead of the problem. Learn how to listen better, handle conflict in productive ways and how to bring out the best in your partner. Reach Out to Marilyn and grow your Luv Life skills today!

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