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    Enmeshment in Relationship

    You may not be that couple that wears matching pajamas and jackets but you love how much you think alike. Maybe you are that couple that proves that “opposites attract”. Wherever you are on that spectrum there are some important principles to consider.In Psychology we talk about this continuum using words like: independence, co-dependence, inter-dependence, enmeshment, emotional abandonment, etc.How much alike or different we are from our partner is really not the issue.   Read More...

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    Supporting Each Other’s Spirituality

    If you do a search on the positive impacts of spirituality, a long list of articles - scholarly and otherwise, will come up. The benefits are numerous. This time of year has many special days for many faith traditions and even spiritual reminders like Thanksgiving, regardless of your religious choices.The family I grew up in offered me stark contrasts in both faith and spirituality beliefs.   Read More...

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    Let’s Talk Sex

    Let’s Talk SexTruly, what kind of couples’ coach would I be without discussing sex, right?!Great sex is absolutely one of the most special aspects of a great relationship. Conversely stress around sex is one of the hardest things to deal with. In my years as a therapist this was a topic that came up frequently.What things from your sex life can really negatively impact your relationship?What are the things that can really make your sex life amazing?Some great ideas:Connect emotionallyReally hear...  Read More...

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    The Relationship Check-In

    You do it at work, likely 1 to 2 times per year. You probably do it with your dentist. Hopefully you do it with your doctor too.Your kids do it too, multiple times per year.Do you do it with life partner?I’m talking about the review process.   Read More...

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    Handling Crisis Together

    Crisis comes in so many forms - a health issue for one of you or someone close to you, a natural disaster that impacts you both, a job loss or financial hardship, the loss of a loved one. These crises are all part of normal life and and are inevitable.Learning how to support each other through crisis - be it a shared one or one that impacts your partner more than you, is a critical skill to support your relationship.How you cope, how you process and how you try to move through a crisis is highly...  Read More...

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    The Five Love Languages

    The idea that we hear love and speak love in different ways has been made widely popular and very accessible by the work of Gary Chapman. I highly recommend his book, in fact I give it to all the young couples in our family. This link will take you to a site where you can take the assessment (just takes about 5 minutes) to see what your top love languages are.https://marriageresourcecentre.org/2013/05/03/featured-resource-five-love-languages/Understanding love languages has 2 big implicatio...  Read More...

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