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    Emotional Intelligence for Couples: Part 2 Self-Expression

    Last time, in our mini-series on EQi for couples, we covered how we see ourselves*. Today we look at the next three sub-scales in the Multi-Health Systems Inc. model.   Read More...

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    Emotional Intelligence for Couples: Part 1 Self-Perception

    In my life as a leadership coach I get to support people in growing their emotional intelligence (EQi). This work is usually in the context of work but, of course, this work also makes us better partners in our personal lives. Some of my Luv Life Coaching blog posts have touched on emotional intelligence but I thought that a little mini-series might be in order. There are a couple different models in the world of emotional intelligence assessing and growth. The one I am trained in and ...  Read More...

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    5 Methods For More Effective Anger in Relationships

    This week I have been deeply touched by a number of you sharing deeply personal stories about your own experiences with anger and rage. I have heard from people wrestling with the impact of someone else’s anger expressions but I have also heard from people who know that they might be the one expressing anger in ways that may hurt people they love.Although I’m coming from a place of having to learn to express anger, I have learned a few things over the years that are relevant for those of you wan...  Read More...

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